Ulla Barthold

Cinematographer and Lecturer for cinematography


Working as a DP since 1986.

Documentary. Video art. Experimental film.


Teaching since 1988. UdK Berlin, FHD Düsseldorf, Reutlingen University.


2011 - 2018 honorary professor at the Institute for Music and Media

at the Robert Schumann University Düsseldorf.

Caroline Rosenau (BVFK)

Cinematographer / Editor


Working as a DP since 2001 and as an Editor since 2008.

Filmstudies at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Cinematography and Screenplay.


Since 2007 CEO of Liquid Film Production in Tübingen and working as a lecturer.  

(University Tübingen, University of Applied Science - Stuttgart, Reutlingen University,

Ascenso Academy in Palma, Academy of Media in Stuttgart).

René Munder

Cinematographer an drone operator


Since 1998 working in cinematography at

the film and television production Osswald in Stuttgart.

He shoot documentaries for ZDF & ARD, corporate movies

and commercials and he works as a drone operator.

Nico Gerspacher

Filmmaker and producer


Since 2015 working as a filmmaker and producer. He is the CEO of Ubergrafisch UG.

In addition to work as a director in commercials, corporate films and short movies, he is also involved in numerous feature and documentary film productions as a producer and creative producer.