The idea of ON THIS DAY actually came up by a coincidence. You meet friends, have a drink and talk about our world and society.

And so it happened on one evening when we talked about 9/11. But we talked about several severe events in the last decades, like the Gladbeck drama, Chernobyl and the fall of the Berlin Wall.


We noticed that not only we remembered these days, clearly. The more we talked about these events, the more we noticed that almost everyone remembered these days clearly.


Everyone had their own personal story and we had the impression that it just happened yesterday. 


The memories of our protagonists, as well as their stories about Chernobyl, Gladbeck, the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11, do not seem very dusty. Even the opposite of it! 


They connect generations and have shaped and changed our society. In the past two years we have intensively researched ON THIS DAY


A concept and a treatment were written and the first interviews with different generations were filmed in advance.

In long conversations we asked even ourselves, what has changed from then to now?


Why did we hardly remember the events that followed after 9/11? Although, they were just as important!


During our research, we also questioned our own handling with news and media and asked ourselves to what extent these events have influenced our behaviour.