As the global event - 9/11 - is the starting point for ON THIS DAY, the ready-to-send copy is planned for the end of the first half in the year 2021.




2021 will be the 20th anniversary of 9/11.


But we don't make a documentary just about this defining event. Nevertheless, our focus is on it and 9/11 builds the base of ON THIS DAY.

Our journey starts from the September 11th. 


We have chosen four global events from recent history that really have shaped generations. The mediatised testimony and its further development plays a major role in our movie. We investigate why subsequent global events are hardly remembered, even though they were just as severe and terrible than 9/11 and should have been an impact to us sustainably.


What has happened?


To what extent does the flood of media, information and news influence our social development, then and now?


And how do we want to deal with it in the future?


These subjects build the quintessence of our documentary film project ON THIS DAY.