What is our aim?

Our protagonists show the audience how different normal can be and transport their personal experiences and thoughts of these global events into here and now. 


The central questions are: Do we really want to be news consumers? How do we want to deal with our media consumption in the future? Have we learned from the past breaks? Did we change anything? And, can we change the course of history at all?


Our film will give impulses to deal with this topic consciously. And that without the pressure of having to save the whole world and thus getting into a state of shock from the media. Every single action has its effect on the whole. We want to give the audience this awareness with ON THIS DAY. We want to stimulate thought and raise our awareness of the importance of information, news and media in our lives.


ON THIS DAY is aimed to all people who remember the four global events and those who want to learn more about these events but also want to know why our society is the way it is today.


We ask the question: Does history actually have to repeat itself over and over again? Or can we not break out of this mechanism after all?

Who is our audience and what is our motivation?



ON THIS DAY is aimed at everyone who remembers the four global events and those who are interested, who would like to learn more about these events and who are interested in how we deal with today's news and media consumption. In addition, our film is aimed at all those who ask themselves: How will we deal with it in the future and what can we change or improve?



Our Motivation


The personal stories of our protagonists are in the focus. They make the movie with its past events and their personal memories on it, visible and noticeable to the audience.


They transport these events into our current world.


With our documentary we would like to show different approaches and ways of thinking - of how we can better sensitize and filter our awareness of our daily use of media, the news and the information by looking at "Our world of tomorrow".