Conclusion and outlook on the state of development of our film

At the very moment when ON THIS DAY went into the financing phase on the crowdfunding platform STARTNEXT, our film was caught up by the current global event - the corona pandemic.



What has happened since then?


With the help of the Startnext team, we managed to get our project back to the start phase. That means we gave the money back to all of our supporters.



What's next?


Beginning in mid-March we gave a radio interview on our documentary. A newspaper interview about our project also took place during the shutdown. All other events were canceled due to the global situation.































How does the Corona Crises affect our documentary?

On the organizational side, the financing, our documentary is currently on hold. Research on other protagonists is also currently not possible, as is filming and preparation.


The pandemic will have a lasting impact on our film on a historical level. Because with the corona crisis, the next dimension is coming up in ON THIS DAY. We will not consciously address them, and yet this event will influence our film.


The change in our protagonists - the situation that everyone can be affected and this current event burns itself into our world of thoughts. It changes our lives, our processes and our dealings with the media. The current pandemic is currently catching up with, if not outdated, 9/11 in relation to the flood of news.



How do we filmmakers deal with it?


We allow this event, we have no other choice and we also want to allow it.

The discussions on our topics in ON THIS DAY change - not completely - but noticeably for us, for our protagonists and thus also for our audience.


The work on the film is also influenced, because we are realizing a film about events that connect and shape generations and change a society: And that is exactly what is happening. We are right in the middle of it and it can affect us all.


Additional chapters will be installed.

Conversations on the current situation are recorded via Skype. The subject development within the film team on ON THIS DAY will be discussed and forms a further component of our documentary / documentary miniseries.


In ON THIS DAY we remember the four global exceptional situations of Chernobyl, the Gladbeck drama, the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11 in the current exceptional situation: the corona pandemic. We were practically overhauled or, to put it better:


ON THIS DAY was caught up in the here and now by the Coronacrisis!