A documentary filmproduction in Lockdown needs your help!

ON THIS DAY - A documentary film production in lockdown, needs your help and support!


Just as we entered the funding phase on the crowdfunding platform STARTNEXT, our documentary ON THIS DAY was caught up with the current event of the global corona pandemic. Thanks to the Startnext team and our supporters of ON THIS DAY, we were able to go from the financing phase back to the start phase. At the moment our film project regarding the financing phase in crowdfunding has been put on hold and, like many others, we are also in the lockdown.


But nevertheless, we are not at a standstill, we are still on the move despite this crazy situation. During this time, we are in the preproduction and the further development of our film project.

We are are filmmakers located in the southwest of germany. Like many other film productions the financing phase of our project is currently on hold and we are in lockdown. Nevertheless, we are not in a standstill. Our documentary is about the memories on the four exceptional situations/ global events: Chernobyl, Gladbeck drama, the fall of the Berlin wall and 9/11. Other topics are the mediatised testimony and how do we deal with the flood of media and news. Now, our documentary was caught up with the current global event - the corona pandemic.   


That´s the reason why we need your help and support as a filmmaker/ cinematographer!


We are currently looking for film footage that were or will be shot in NYC, Paris and London during the worldwide lockdown. We would be very glad,  if you could help us for shooting this pictures during this current surreal situation in the cities mentioned above for our documentary "ON THIS DAY" and bring our story of ON THIS DAY visually to the next level.  For NYC we also need additional material before the corona pandemic came up: e.g. droneshots from the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan. Atmospheric material: e.g. statue of liberty, a car ride through for example the Financial District in a low angle view etc.. We would be very happy, if you support us with your time, skill in a creativity to bring ON THIS DAY to life as a special documentary for a large audience.


Thanks in advance! Stay safe and best regards from Tübingen,

Yours, ON THIS DAY film crew 

We would be very happy, if we have the chance of being supported by our dear colleagues who are situated in these cities to realize these shots for ON THIS DAY. And want to be part of our documentary project ON THIS DAY to make it to a special documentary for a large audience.


Thank you!


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ON THIS DAY - A documentary film production in lockdown!




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