What happens when financing is succesful?

We, the crew and the cast of ON THIS DAY firmly believe in this film.


The funding sum from our supporters, i.e. you, will be fully invested in the movie. In film gear, crew, shooting, editing, sound, research, archive material and usage rights as well as in our public relations - marketing & communication.


The focus is on the personal stories of our protagonists. They make the past events and their personal memories visible and noticeable to the audience.


They transport them into our current world!


Only with successful financing  we can cover the costs, we already had and what which were still to come.


These costs include project development, research time including travel costs, the technical equipment that we have already used in production and post-production, consulting costs, the further development of our film and our work in it. We can realize the movie with a larger production crew, with more film gear and in a pretty good post-production infrastructure.


The use of historical archive stock material on film and sound will also be of considerable cost. We work with as little as possible regarding the archive stock material, but after initial assessments and a preliminary cut for our teaser, there is no way to work without it. The sound design also play another major role in our documentary - this is connected with the best  mix and mastering in the recording studio.


Our options in production and post-production of ON THIS DAY are therefore directly dependent on the successful financing of the film by our supporters, sponsors, producers and co-producers. 


Through the crowd, through you! 


Since it is planned premium documentary for cinema / festivals, but also for television and streaming portals, we cannot work on it "on the side".


Together with a professional crew in preproduction, production and post-production as well as in sales & marketing, we have the opportunity to make a very special documentary for a large, international audience.